Kia Ceed - On Location Video Footage - Portugal 2018
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Blue Flame - Dynamic_1080p_h264_20Mbit.mp4 2.01GB
Blue Flame - Dynamic_360p_h264_Preview.mp4 94.7MB
Blue Flame - Static_1080p_h264_20Mbit.mp4 2.13GB
Blue Flame - Static_360p_h264_Preview.mp4 100.76MB
Dark Penta Metal - Dynamic_1080p_h264_20Mbit.mp4 2.1GB
Dark Penta Metal - Dynamic_360p_h264_Preview.mp4 98.92MB
Dark Penta Metal - Static_1080p_h264_20Mbit.mp4 2.04GB
Dark Penta Metal - Static_360p_h264_Preview.mp4 96.52MB
Lunar Silver - Dynamic_1080p_h264_20Mbit.mp4 2.17GB
Lunar Silver - Dynamic_360p_h264_Preview.mp4 101.48MB
Lunar Silver - Static_1080p_h264_20Mbit.mp4 1.85GB
Lunar Silver - Static_360p_h264_Preview.mp4 89.3MB